Vacations for Vets Overview

Required  to read prior to completing application

There are now 2 Vacations for Vets Programs: (1) Free Accommodations Program for eligible applicants, one per calendar year (365 days; (2) IHOOT Acquisition Program offers discounted accommodations that can be booked as as often as desired at discounted rates. Both application processes must be completed at or by a manual application provided by the Vacations for Vets Program Manager from

A $75 non-refundable processing fee is required by Active Duty applicants and $100 for Veterans with proof of honorable service. $150 is required for DoD civilians and MWR by manual application.  If accommodations and/or location is not available, the processing fee remains on deposit until a vacation is awarded or for one (1) calendar year (365 days) from notice of unavailability, whichever comes first.

Vacations for Vets is a special program that is managed at the corporate level, not at the resort. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE RESORT because it can delay or cancel the reservation process. If you have questions prior to submitting the application, click the “Contact Us” link at  State your questions or comments there first. You will be notified by email when the application has been processed and, if approved, you will be issued a confirmation number and/or certificate that is required for check-in at the resort.  Applicants should allow at least 4-weeks for initial processing before hearing from the Program Manager, however, high demand locations can take longer.  If you have not heard from the Program Manager, feel free to contact the office at

                            FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

1.Q: Are retired service members or discharged veterans eligible for the Vacations for Vets Program?  Yes, must provide proof of honorable service.

2. Q: What items can be used for proof of honorable service? DD214 (black out SSN) or honorable discharge certificate.

3. Q: What do I need for proof of active duty?  You must provide your official email address, official duty mailing address, personal email address and home address.  Providing your DD214 is optional, but is not required for active duty personnel that apply using a email address.

4. Q: Are family members allowed to accompany me?  You may invite whomever you choose to accompany you to the destination with the understanding that you are responsible for their conduct.

5. Q: Can family members apply for individual vacations. No, but spouses may complete the application for the service member.  However, the actual service member’s name and email address must also be on the application and the individual’s name that is on the certificate or email verification must provide identification to sign in at the resort.

6. Q: Are widows of service members eligible to apply for the Program?  Widows are eligible to apply for the Program as DoD civilians, but must provide proof of honorable service of the deceased member and a copy of the death certificate.  Children of active or deceased members are not eligible to apply.

7. Q: Are National Guard or Reserves eligible to apply?  Yes.  If not on active duty, proof of honorable service must be provided.

8. Q: Can the Program Manager tell me if a resort and/or dates are available before I submit the application?  No, we are NOT a travel agency.  The Program Manager can NOT determine availability until the application process has been completed and submitted.  Applicants are advised that although you may apply near or over holiday periods, accommodations are often not available.

9. Q: If I cancel after receiving a confirmation number and/or certificate of confirmation, am I eligible to reapply?  If you cancel, it must be at least three (3) weeks prior to the check-in date in order to remain eligible to reapply. Applicants who cancel may be considered “high risk” and may be required to provide a partially refundable deposit in addition to the processing fee when reapplying.  If cancellation is inside the 3-week window, you are ineligible to reapply.

10. Q: How long will it be before I know the status of my application?  Please allow at least four (4) weeks from the date you submitted the application for initial processing to be completed.  High demand locations will take longer to process, so please consider this when applying.  If you have not heard from the Vacations for Vets Program Manager after 4 weeks, click the “Contact Us” link at or contact the Program Manager by email at  Please realize that high demand locations will take longer to process.

11. Q: Is it possible for an eligible applicant to reserve more than one unit (condo or villa)?  No one applicant can reserve more than one unit.  If there are more than one eligible applicants in a family, the applications must be submitted at least one (1) calendar year apart.  It is recommended that the Vacations for Vets Program Manager be made aware of special requests by email at  prior to submitting the application.


1. Vacations for Vets include accommodations only! The maximum vacation period is 8 days/7 nights. The Program does NOT include airfare or travel related services!

2. Qualified categories include Active Duty service men and women in all services and categories including Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Reservists on Active Duty, National Guard on Active Duty, Veterans recalled to Active Duty and Discharged Veterans providing proof of honorable service.  DoD civilians and MWR in direct support of the troops are again eligible to apply.  Bear in mind that IHOOT is a private non-profit organization that does not fall under government or military mandates, regulations or chain of command.

3. Applicants that have been issued confirmation numbers and/or certificates of accommodations are responsible for the conduct and actions of their family members and guests.

4.It is required that applications be submitted at least 12 weeks prior to the check-in date requested. Only one vacation per active duty sponsor is allowed in a calendar year (365 days) and never to a location owned by the same resort.

5. Participants are required to submit a testimony outlining their vacation experience and how it helped your family reconnect.  IHOOT may request a public relations release to publish your testimony in the resort owners’ newsletters and on the IHOOT website. This will help generate more vacation accommodations for other service men, women and veterans.  New applications will not be accepted unless the testimony from your previous experience was received.

6. The Vacations for Vets Program is not responsible for injuries, property or personal damage, financial obligations or notes signed by members prior to, during or following the vacation.

7. Applicants must complete and submit the application online.  Proof of honorable service can be emailed to or faxed to 410-496-7668, ATTN; Vacations for Vets Program Manager.

8.  Confirmation or certificates will be sent directly to applicants from the Vacations for Vets Program Manager by email.  If a confirmed reservation is canceled for any reason before the 3-week window, you are eligible to reapply.  If you cancel inside of the 3-week window, you are ineligible to reapply.

9. Your only Point of Contact (POC) is the Vacations for Vets Program Manager!  DO NOT CALL THE RESORT following receipt of confirmation.  Calling the resort can delay or cancel the reservation because the reservation system is different. All personal correspondence must be generated online at the  Click the “Contact Us” link.

10. The following methods of payment are accepted: MasterCard, VISA, Discover, AMEX, Debit or Credit Cards displaying the MasterCard or Visa logo, Pay Pal, certified funds by mail or automatic cash withdrawal (ACH) from your bank account.  You are not required to apply for a personal Pay Pal account to use it for the processing fee.  If you are not comfortable with payment through Pay Pal, contact the Program Manager at to process payment directly through the Vacations for Vets portal.  You may also mail certified funds to: IHOOT Foundation, Attn: Vacations for Vets, 1498-M Reisterstown Road, Suite 415, Pikesville, Maryland 21208-3842.

11. If there are two eligible members in the same household, applications must be submitted at least one (1) calendar year apart.  Consecutive weeks are no longer available.

12. A $300 refundable deposit may be required for high demand resorts and for applicants that have canceled a confirmed reservation.

I have read, understand and agree to comply with the Rules and Guidelines. I certify that I am eligible to apply for the Vacations for Vets Program as outlined in paragraph two (2) above and will provide proof of honorable service as required per the guidelines.  I understand that the processing fee is used to pay for work that has been completed or to be completed, therefore is non-refundable.  If a new location and/or dates are requested requiring the existing reservation to be canceled, applicants must submit a new application and processing fee.  New applications due to cancellation of a confirmed reservation to high demand locations may require a $300 deposit providing all conditions are met.  Initial Processing fees are non-refundable.